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Organization Public/Private Settings: By default, your organization is private. You can add users to your organization and give them each rights. You can also give access to parts of your organization to anonymous users.

Organization Public Settings

Organization API Keys: Devices upload their data into GroveStreams with the GroveStreams' API. The API requires that either a user name/password or an API key be used for authentication. The API key is the preferred method since hard-coding your account user name and password on your device is not recommended.

API keys are very scalable and can provide very granular rights for specific devices. This allows for the isolation of any keys that might become compromised.

Below is an example of a key that can be used for all Feed PUTs. This key also allows a device to create a component automatically from a component template if it does not already exist (automatic device registration). This is a similar key used to allow our Forum server to upload metrics into GroveStreams.

API Keys